Toronto has a great variety of things to see and do within its futuristic skyline that sits on the beautiful Lake Ontario waters. Visit the theatre, museums and art galleries for a complete cultural treat that will delight art lovers. Toronto is and feels like a very safe place to venture round and you will find a multicultural mix of people that have chosen Toronto as their home with over 140 languages spoken across the city.

Food lovers will enjoy the fantastic dining options in Toronto with some of the best chef’s in Canada choosing this as their stage to create their culinary delights. Live music fills the air in the many bars and pubs around the city and with plenty of festivals going on throughout the year you’re sure to find some great entertainment while visiting.

An efficient and easy to use transport system lets you see lots around the area and with Niagara Falls just 2 hours a way, if you have an extended stay in Toronto it’s definitely worth venturing out to.

Head to the iconic CN Tower for phenomenal views across Lake Ontario and take a walk to one of the scenic parks and spend time in the great outdoors away from the skyscrapers and busy city.

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