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Think rum, reggae and relaxation – think Jamaica. Discover sugar soft beaches, glistening waters and a laid-back vibe that make Jamaica the tropical paradise dreams are made of. Beyond the coastline and luxury resorts the island is home to an influential culture with a long-held connection to its African roots. Culturally influential artist Bob Marley, the Bond novels of Ian Flemming and he record breaking Usain Bolt herald from Jamaica and prove this tiny island nation punches above its weight beyond the superficial sun and sand.

Beyond the sapphire seas, the unique effervescent culture blends with the magnificent natural beauty of the island leaving visitor enraptured and longing to return. Explore verdant mountains, secluded water falls, take and aerial rainforest canopy ride, bobsled down Mystic Mountain or Kayak through the hidden paradise of the White River Valley. Swim in the impressive Dunn’s River Falls or explore the lush peaks of the Blue Mountains. There is some much to experience you will be spoilt for choice.

Jamaica is also proud to home numerous award-winning golf courses with spectacular ocean views which draws golf enthusiasts from around the world.

The islands delightful cuisine is truly temping with smoked marlin, scorching jerk chicken, fresh lobster and shrimp to be enjoyed in beachside restaurants and washed down with some local Jamaican rum or should you prefer sugar cane juice.

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