Journey to China for an adventure of modern, fast paced luxuries that contrast with the rich cultural heritage of 5000 years. Home to over 20 UNESCO World Heritage sites you will find lots to explore. Head to Shanghai for modern skyscrapers and a bustling cosmopolitan metropolis where you’ll find luxury hotels, a touch of European architecture and fantastic restaurants.

Beijing, China’s capital city showcases the country’s incredible Imperial history where you can visit the iconic Great Wall and other famous heritage sites. Head to Tiananmen Square known as the Gate of Heavenly Peace and separates it from the Forbidden City.

If you like food then you will be in for a treat when visiting China. With plenty of choice to tantalise the taste buds you can sample many delights in some of the world’s finest restaurants.

China is the perfect destination for travellers who enjoy want to explore and go on an adventure to discover a fascinating deep history and admire the revolution of modern advances.

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The city formally known as Peking - Beijing, China’s capital is fast past and ever evolving. Exploding with the evidence of over 3000 years of history that at times has been tumultuous, the city has embrace... [More]



Although Shanghai is the biggest city in China, it has never appeared as a royal city throughout Chinese history there fore it lacks the presences of an imperial palace or museum. What the city does exhibit is a ... [More]


Terracotta Warriors, Peking and Pandas

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