Situated on the mid-Atlantic ridge, where the Eurasian and Northern America tectonic plates collide in a cacophony of natural wonders. From rumbling volcanoes, bubbling mud pools and hot springs to desolate lava fields and explosive geysers. Iceland really is a geological wonder. Observe the abundant wildlife that has evolved on this stark landscape. Artic foxes, sea birds including the iconic puffin, whales and seals all call Iceland and its surrounding waters home.

During the months of Oct – April, if you are lucky enough, the weather and solar activity is on your side, marvel at the natural phenomenon that is Aurora borealis (Northern Lights). See swirls of greens and pinks dance across the night sky as tiny particles are disturbed in the upper atmosphere causing them to emit a luminescent glow.

Explore colourful fishing villages are sprinkled like confetti the majestic fjords. The natural wonders of Iceland can be explored year from the spectacular Northern lights in winter to the midnight sun during the summer

Iceland Destinations


The capital of Iceland – Reykjavik is a compact and easily navigable city. Boasting numerous excellent restaurant and several attractions including the Museum of Iceland, the dramatic Hallgrimskirkja Church... [More]


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