The most mellow of the Balearic Islands, Menorca is much more un-spoilt compared to the islands of Majorca and Ibiza with rolling hills, soft sand coves and clear turquoise waters filling the landscapes at every turn. An ideal destination for a romantic getaway, Menorca has much to see and do but has a relaxed atmosphere for you to enjoy and recharge.

See the island on foot or by bike to fully immerse yourself in the landscapes that surround you. Head to the capital of Mahón for more of a bustling place and make sure you sample the island’s very own Mahón cheese which is especially nice when washed down with an ice-cold glass of gin.

The month of June sees a great celebration lasting three days for the ‘Festes de Sant Joan’ and is a spectacle to behold as you will get to experience the traditions and parades that fill the ancient capital of Cuitadelle.

Menorca was awarded UNESCO Biosphere Reserve status in 1993 and the practices are still maintained today for the development of economic activities, consumption of resources and conservation of heritage and landscapes on the island.

Perfect for a family friendly holiday, all ages will enjoy the different activities across the island whether its lazy beach days, water sports, hiking, cycling or taking in all the local heritage of this beautiful island.

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