The capital of the Amazonas, Brazil’s largest state - Manaus is an urban metropolis that sits in the jungle and is a major port for ships. Boasting many museums showcasing the history of its people and the Amazon as well as ecological attractions which are accessed by boat it is a great starting point to an Amazon adventure.

As the main gateway to the Brazilian Amazon, the rainforest hotels are mainly reached by boats to swim with Amazon River dolphins or see the meeting of waters between Rio Negro and Rio Solimoes rivers which is a fantastic sight where you’ll see the brown water and blue water of each of the rivers meeting alongside one another.

The food here is quite unique compared to other South American regions where you can enjoy nice soups known as ‘tacaca’ and ‘tapioquinha’ which is a pancake made with manioc flour – one of the areas main crops and they come filled with cheese and fruits.

Manaus is a trade-free zone gives visitors excellent shopping at cheap prices with a great many local souvenirs to rummage through and bring back home.

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