Praia Do Forte

Popular with tourists, Praia Do Forte is a beautiful beach village with plenty of chic shops and restaurants to wander round and enjoy the local food. The village is surrounded by castle ruins, which was built to protect the coast and now provides a useful centre for visitors.

Head to the sea-turtle preservation centre, ‘Projeto Tamar’ and learn about the local conservation where local fishermen are paid to protect them rather than hunting them to earn a living.

Explore the Reserva de Sapiranga which is spread over nearly 1500 acres of Atlantic Forest where you’ll see rare orchids, bromeliads and a sanctuary for endangered animals. Travel on foot, bike or by Jeep where can book tours and also enjoy a thrilling zip-lining experience.

If you are visiting when the full moon is due then a great sight to see is the sunset where the sun turns the waters a beautiful red as the moon rises.

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