Rio De Janeiro

The rhythms of samba are the heart beat of these cosmopolitan city. Rio de Janeiro occupies an enviable location on the picturesque Guanabara Bay nestled between lush mountains and the azure waters of the Atlantic. Rio, as it is affectionately known is one of the most discernible and culturally prominent cities in Brazil and features some of the most recognizable attractions in the world such as the Christ the Redeemer statue. Other notable ‘bucket listers’ include Sugar Loaf mountain and Copacabana Beach.

Away for the main ‘touristy areas’ explore the neighbourhood of Santa Teresa with its colonial Portuguese charm sitting in the foothills above the city. For the football enthusiasts go behind the scenes and discover the legendary Maracana one of the most important stadiums in Brazil. For an unforgettable experience take a journey through the Tijuca Forest – the biggest urban forest in the world. Here you will see all manner of endemic flora and fauna and spectacular tumbling waterfalls.

Rio is known for its friendly locals and there is no better place to absorb the sights and sounds of the city than one of the many beachside bars where you can sip on a refreshing Caipirinha. Dining is Rio and Brazil in general is a social occasion. Two not to miss culinary experiences include Churrascarias – a gigantic meat feast where many varieties of meat are served to your plate on skewers by ‘Passadores’. The other - Feijoada is considered one of Brazil’s national dishes a tasty stew usually accompanied by rice.

Carnival! Need we say more? Where the city streets are filled with samba rhythms, colourful costumes and elaborate floats. The Rio carnival is considered by many as the largest carnival in the world.

This beautifully noisy city is just waiting to welcome you.

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