The world’s largest archipelago with over 17,000 islands this tropical nation is a myriad of rich cultures and spectacular natural beauty. With dramatic vistas, sun bleached beaches, tropical jungles and laid-back charm, Indonesia offers endless adventure and unforgettable experiences.

Each island has is own personality from the lush rice terraces and dramatic forested volcanic mountains of Bali to the tropical shorelines of Komodo – the land of the dragons.

The world 4th most populous country is a kaleidoscope of cultures crammed with uniqueness almost as though it is 100 different countries fused into one.

These enchanting islands are packed with magical sights, see rust coloured orangutans lazing in tropical trees, see Balinese dancers gracefully executing intricate moves, deserted white and black sand beaches lapped by azure waters and the brightly coloured coral reefs that are speckled with tropical fish in one of the world richest underwater bio-diversities. A standout highlight of the natural wonders of Indonesia is Komodo National Park not only home to the pre-historic looking Komodo dragon, but you can also experience a unique marine exploration, you can spot sharks, wrays, whales and even the rare pygmy seahorses and dugongs.

Indonesian food is as varied and diverse as its cultures and landscapes. You may spot hints of influences from Europe, China and India.  The one commonality is rice, a staple part of most traditional meals.  Indonesian cuisine enjoys a variety of tropical fruits and vegetables, thanks to the humid climate and rich fertile soils. One of the most popular local dishes to sample is Nasi Goreng, a friend rice dish made with a selection of meat and vegetables.

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Welcome of the ‘Island of the gods’ – Bali. Home to unending natural beauty from the sugar soft palm fringed beaches, lush rice terraces to the dramatic valleys overlooked by towering volcanoes.... [More]


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