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Mauritius is the pinnacle of paradise destinations with some of the most beautiful views of the Indian Ocean as well as the most palatial resorts that will meet your every desire. Relax and lay on the picture perfect beaches or explore the beautiful islands by boat and for the more adventurous there’s an abundance of activities to try out.

Located in the southern Indian Ocean, the breath-taking white sand beaches and serene warm waters welcome you. A great destination for couples and families you can be sure that Mauritius has something for everyone. There’s a wide choice of water sports and it is a particularly great place to enjoy kitesurfing, kayaking, parasailing, and windsurfing.

Famous for it’s beautiful underwater waterfall, this optical illusion is situated on shores South-West of Mauritius. The illusion is created by the movement of the sand created by the underwater currents as it flows over the shelf’s edge which plunges into a huge 4000 metre void. Enjoy a helicopter ride over this awesome sight of mother nature and admire the views from the air.

This compact destination boasts year round sunshine with December, March and April being the best time to visit. May is also good, still warm but less humid which some may prefer. The temperatures remain steady through the other months, you’re just more likely to see a little more rainfall especially in January and February.

The perfect romantic setting, Mauritius is a prime spot for honeymooners or those wishing to get married abroad. Relish the beautiful views, indulge in total relaxation or partake in adventurous activities, whatever you want from your holiday, Mauritius will have it.

There’s an eclectic mix of dining here owing to the blend of communities that have made this idyllic island their home including Indian, Chinese, French and Creole cultures. You will discover their warm welcome very quickly as well as the delicious cuisine they will serve up ranging from impeccable a la carte dishes to snack shacks serving up freshly caught seafood.

Mauritius boasts some amazing historical sights as well as the natural landscapes to the south west of the island including Tamarin Falls and the Black River Gorges national park. For the adventurous, zip line over the Casela park and admire the views from the air - catch a glimpse of the local wildlife including giant tortoises, pink pigeons and the Mauritian Kestrel.

The capital, Port Louis is the bustling spot on the island where you’ll find a chic waterfront that’s home to the best shopping and nightlife. Journey further north to Grand Baie where you’ll find entertainment and more beautiful beaches.

A must see while on the island is the Sir Seewoosagur Ramgoolam Botanical Gardens, a truly horticultural wonder where you will find beautifully laid out gardens with giant water lilies, indigenous plants giant tortoises and deer.

The seven coloured earths is an incredible geological formation found in the south-western Riviere Noire District of the island. Comprising sand of 7 colours due to the cooling at different temperatures that have spontaneously settled in different layers resulting in the rainbow effect dunes.

As you would expect from this type of destination, Mauritius has some phenomenal marine life. Take a boat and enjoy a dolphin cruise, deep sea fishing or dive beneath the surface of the crystal clear waters and discover the beautiful marine world that awaits your exploration.

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