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Dubai, situated in the southeast of the Persian Gulf is well known for designer shopping, futuristic architecture and ultraluxury hotels. Dubai is the perfect metropolitan city break, a superb combination of azure waters lined with sandy beaches, captivating desert adventures and a contemporary city centre that also still holds many of its traditions. 

Dubai is known for its prosperousness and grandeur, offering a vast range of activities. The traditional souks offer an array of spices & textiles, perfect for an afternoon meander to pick up a bargain. The Deira and Bur Dubai districts are littered with mosques and authentic regional architecture. For more modern acquisitions head to one of the two biggest malls in Dubai, The Dubai Mall or the Mall of the Emirates which also host a cinema and an ice rink. The Dubai mall is also home to the Dubai fountain which shoots a jet of water an impressive 150 meters into the air. Dubai really is a shopping haven. 

The architecture in Dubai has thrust this city onto the world stage of innovation, with hotels shaped like sails and waves. Dubai is also currently home to the world tallest building, the Burj Khalifa towering an impressive 828 meters above the city. 

Dubai is a multicultural melting pot with only a fraction of the population being Emiratis. Culture from across the world coexists peacefully and crafted Dubai into the vibrant and diverse city it is today. Although Dubai’ customs are rooted in Islamic traditions it is an open society welcoming newcomers with open arms. 

Head out of the city for a true desert adventure and eat like a Bedouin under shimmering skies or hitch a ride along rolling sand dunes on the back of a camel.

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